Friday, November 11, 2011

What, not why

I've been really off my game since finishing Ironman. Training has been sporadic, nutrition in the crapper, putting on weight, losing fitness. and not doing a damn thing about it. I get stuck sometimes wondering why I'm in this place but knowing why is of little value really. The better question is what am I going to do about it. I started running again after 4 week off to rest the Achilles, but I have juggled things around and blown off a couple workouts and haven't run since Monday. Did I mention I am scheduled for the Philadelphia Marathon on 11/20? I think I will be able to at least do the half, but am still considering the full. Maybe that's the what I need to get my mojo back.

I thought I had recommitted myself to training, but the proof is in the pudding. It was a wish, a weak brab at an idea, not a commitment. What will it take?

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