Monday, March 9, 2009

Are we there yet?

Just a few days until the wedding and I get more excited every day. I also have moments of panic worrying about all the logistics. We are going DIY for much of it and I really want it to be perfect. Of course, it will be. We finished up the play lists last night and got them on one iPod. Now we will put them on two more for backup. I also needs to check out my audio receiver to see what I need in order to use it as the output. We are borrowing some sort of board/amp from a friend but that will stay in the main room and we need something for the bar area during the cocktail hour.

But, enough about the "stuff". On to what's real; cementing our commitment in front of God, family, and friends. Jane and I take turns telling each other how lucky we are. I know I am so blessed to have such a wonderful woman but she seems to think she's getting the better end of the deal. Not possible! There was a time not too long ago when I decided that I was not going to settle on the kind of partner and relationship I wanted. Looks like that's what the Universe was waiting for because not too long after that Jane came into my life. I am blessed beyond belief and maybe more than I "deserve". Wait, scratch that. We all deserve the very best God has for us which often times is way better than we could ever imagine. Beyond my wildest dreams!