Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I decided several weeks ago to give up baked sweets and dessert type stuff until the end of the year. I made it through Halloween with all the tasty candy. I made it through Thanksgiving with all the pies. The magnificent, flavor pies. I even made it past the chocolate covered pretzels I had ordered from a friend at work as a fund raiser for his choral group but forgot about until they showed up on my desk after I already made the decision. I didn't eat a single one of the dark chocolate, or the milk chocolate, and not even any of the white chocolate, which happen to be my favorite. I managed to resist the chocolate chip cookie bars my wife made, and the weekly Friday donuts at work. I've been so good. It hasn't even been that hard But now, a pumpkin pie in the fridge and home made chocolate chip cookies on the counter are taunting and teasing me everytime I walk in the kitchen. Aaaaaasrrrrrrgggggg!

Monday, November 21, 2011

13.1, done!

Ran the half distance at the Philly Marathon yesterday. Finished in 1:57. Not my best HM time, not my worst. Not too bad though, when you consider that I've only run 22 mile in the entire past 2 months.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pick up the packet, uh huh!

Not quite AWB, but still fun nonetheless. Picked up my race packet this morning for the Philadelphia marathon. As I've mentioned, I'm registered for the full but plan on doing the half only. I injured my left Achilles tendon several weeks ago, most likely due to overuse in building run volume too quickly after IM recovery. I took a week off, ran once, then took 4 weeks off. Started running again 3 weeks ago and a half marathon tomorrow will be more mileage in one day than I've had in any of the last 3 weeks so it's best not to attempt the full. I've done that distance and may do it again, but no need to risk further injury. I'm not even approaching the half like a race; it will just be a long training run for me. Of course I don't want crappy race times sitting on the Interwebs for the rest of time, but oh well.

Friday, November 18, 2011

BOOM!!!! (that was my head exploding)

I used to be the President of a youth football organization. When I first started coaching in that program, the business meetings consisted of beer, wings, and fist fights. When I stepped down years later we were one of the most respected organizations in our area. I am very proud of the work I did to change the mindset of that community. One of the things I did was build a web site where all sorts of information could be communicated, forms could be downloaded, contact information was available, by-laws were published and we even started online registrations. I still check in every now and then on that web site. Today I noticed this:

If your interested in the league glick here

That was when my head exploded

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In (on Thursday)

Weighed in at 165.8 yesterday, Wednesday, 11/16/11. I was about 157 when I raced Ironman Lake Placid 7/24/11; eight pounds gained in 4 months. Not too terrible I guess, but I was hoping to drop below the 157 after Ironman. I had dropped weight prior to starting full on training and wanted to get back to weight loss after the race. I knew it was foolish to try to lose weight while building fitness for such a grueling endurance event but figured I could just pick right up with where I left off. Oh, I picked right up; I picked up food. I kept my caloric intake pretty much the same but my training volume dropped significantly. So, I'm getting back at it. I'll be weighing in every Wednesday.

I decided a few weeks ago to stop eating sweets and dessert type stuff through the end of the year. No cookies, no candy, no cakes, no pies, no ice cream none of the stuff my wife bakes so well and I love so much. Now I need to get the workouts cranked back up and reduce the caloric intake a bit more. No more second helpings or two lunches ;) I'd like to get down to 155, but am more concerned about body composition that the actual number. I want to be leaner and lose the spare tire and fat deposits around the midsection

I have a half marathon race this Sunday, and then I intend to get back to a balanced SBR regimen of 3x ea per week, with 2 strength training session. I am pretty excited about the strength training because I am going to be working out with my son. He's certified in Crossfit and is working on some sort of Olympic weight lifting certification. I've got 3 weeks left of 2x per week with Dominic (the trainer I've been working with once a week for years) then I am turning myself over to Tim. Should be fun. And painful. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What, not why

I've been really off my game since finishing Ironman. Training has been sporadic, nutrition in the crapper, putting on weight, losing fitness. and not doing a damn thing about it. I get stuck sometimes wondering why I'm in this place but knowing why is of little value really. The better question is what am I going to do about it. I started running again after 4 week off to rest the Achilles, but I have juggled things around and blown off a couple workouts and haven't run since Monday. Did I mention I am scheduled for the Philadelphia Marathon on 11/20? I think I will be able to at least do the half, but am still considering the full. Maybe that's the what I need to get my mojo back.

I thought I had recommitted myself to training, but the proof is in the pudding. It was a wish, a weak brab at an idea, not a commitment. What will it take?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting back at it

Ran three times this week after a 4 week layoff to heal up the left Achilles. Feeling pretty good in that regard.