Friday, February 20, 2009

Yes I can!

I haven’t posted for a while and I’m not sure why. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of opinions on stuff. Work has been busy with pressure from several fronts, my training has picked up over the past few weeks, and wedding plans are cruising right along. Only 22 more days until we tie the knot. I am really looking forward to this. We will be cementing our commitment legally even though we are already there emotionally and spiritually.

I was thinking last week about all the steps that have led me here; my marriage, my divorce, a broken heart or two, breaking a heart. I had a couple of relationships since my divorce and one that was pretty significant in many ways. She was (is) a really good person and cared for me a great deal. I just couldn’t fully reciprocate and at times feel badly for how things went. We were together and apart a few times, with me ending it each time. There was a strong bond between us, and us being together and apart ultimately led me to refine and hold onto the four things I wanted in a mate; to really connect emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. She and I had some but not all and at times I wondered if I was asking for too much. I wondered if I really could have it all. Guess what? I can. We all can!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sherpa for life

Jane is awesome. Period. She loves and supports me, cooks excellent food for me, gets up at the ass crack of dawn to be there with me while I spaz about my race stuff, tells me how great I am, is open with me and to me, makes passionate love with me, makes time for herself and her creativity, loves her children, squeals when I tickle her, challenges me, inspires me, believes in me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We had a bit of snow yesterday and took some time last night to enjoy it. Time seemed to stand still, like we had nothing else to do but play and enjoy. When I got home from work I shoveled the walk but it was pointless because the snow kept falling. At least I got some ice melt down so shoveling this morning was much easier. Anyway, I poked my head in the front door and announced that everyone was required to stop whatever they were doing and come outside for a snowball fight. The kids obliged, but Jane decided to enjoy some time alone. We played for 20 minutes or so, then went in so they could eat dinner and I could get on the bike trainer for a workout.

After dinner and my trainer ride (boring!) Jane and I went for a nice long walk in the falling snow. Alone. Max started out with us but we made him go back because he wasn't wearing a hat. It was so nice to spend time together in the cold and snow. We walked through the small downtown area and up and down the streets of our neighborhood. When we came back to the house we got ambushed by the kids with snowballs. We spent quite a while out there throwing snow around. Kids from across the street came out for a while until their dad announced it was 9:30, time to come in. WTF? It was snowing! There is no time to come in when it's snowing. Especially not at 9:30 when it's almost certain schools would be closed or at least delayed in the morning. Things quieted down a bit after that so we went in to enjoy some hot chocolate.

Sitting there sipping the hot chocolate I couldn't stop thinking about a hill at the school just up the road. After some mental debate, I got my gear together and Jane and I headed up there so I could ride my snowboard. The hill wasn't very big and there really wasn't enough snow but I got in 6 rides or so and it was pretty awesome. I haven't been out in a while and now I've got the fever again. We WILL be heading to the Poconos at some point this winter! Kendall wants to learn and Max seems open to the idea. Not sure if they will ski or snowboard, but I know what I will do!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

Well, Phil saw his shadow which means the sun was out this morning in Punxsutawney, PA. What that has to do with the weather I'll never know. But it sure made for a great movie.

I just got back from the gym where I swam for 30 minutes and I'm enjoying delicious leftover chicken pot pie. My baby can cook! I ran 30 minutes this morning in cold darkness. I really don't like running in the dark and this morning was especially bad because of the ice. So much melted yesterday and then refroze overnight. Plus some people don't bother to clear their sidewalks at all. What is that about?? Still, it was good to be up and out though it is beautiful out there now. Sunny, low 50's. Opened the sun roof on the drive back from the gym. Nice.

On a side note, I am having bad Garmin karma. I didn't record my bike ride yesterday as a bike ride so I couldn't upload it to my training log on BT. I usually just turn it on and hit go then when I download to TC I just drag and drop bike workouts to the Bike folder. Looks like I'll have to set the appropriate sport when I'm training. Another thing to try to read without my reading glasses. This morning the thing kept beeping at me throughout my run and I couldn't see what the display said (see previous sentence). Turns out the memory was full so when I turned it off I lost my data. I know it was just over 30 mins, about 3.5 miles and a 9:00 pace.