Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I decided several weeks ago to give up baked sweets and dessert type stuff until the end of the year. I made it through Halloween with all the tasty candy. I made it through Thanksgiving with all the pies. The magnificent, flavor pies. I even made it past the chocolate covered pretzels I had ordered from a friend at work as a fund raiser for his choral group but forgot about until they showed up on my desk after I already made the decision. I didn't eat a single one of the dark chocolate, or the milk chocolate, and not even any of the white chocolate, which happen to be my favorite. I managed to resist the chocolate chip cookie bars my wife made, and the weekly Friday donuts at work. I've been so good. It hasn't even been that hard But now, a pumpkin pie in the fridge and home made chocolate chip cookies on the counter are taunting and teasing me everytime I walk in the kitchen. Aaaaaasrrrrrrgggggg!