Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pick up the packet, uh huh!

Not quite AWB, but still fun nonetheless. Picked up my race packet this morning for the Philadelphia marathon. As I've mentioned, I'm registered for the full but plan on doing the half only. I injured my left Achilles tendon several weeks ago, most likely due to overuse in building run volume too quickly after IM recovery. I took a week off, ran once, then took 4 weeks off. Started running again 3 weeks ago and a half marathon tomorrow will be more mileage in one day than I've had in any of the last 3 weeks so it's best not to attempt the full. I've done that distance and may do it again, but no need to risk further injury. I'm not even approaching the half like a race; it will just be a long training run for me. Of course I don't want crappy race times sitting on the Interwebs for the rest of time, but oh well.

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